Widows - a mother
Mireya García Ramírez, vice-president of the Agrupación de Familiares de Detenidos Desaparecidos, Chile

Ariel Dorfman's play about a community in the aftermath of military repression whose women demand that the authorities return their 'disappeared' men whether they are dead or alive. A partnership with theatre artists in Iraq is currently being sought for our project to produce this play.

"One night - it was early, just after dinner - I was visited by an image, almost a hallucination: an old woman by a river, holding the hand of a body that had just washed up on its shores. And the certainty that this scene had happened before, that this was not the first time that river had yielded a dead man to the arms of that old twisted woman."

From Ariel Dorfman's Afterword to WIDOWS describing the initial inspiration behind the play.

The play is published in The Resistance Trilogy Nick Hern Books 1998 ISBN 1854593692