Originally developed by Meeting Ground, this project is an investigation of the relationship between the rich world and the poor world, an exploration of the lineaments of imperialism and globalisation, past and present.

The first stage was a production of a musical epic called TRANSPLANT written by Jeremy Seabrook and Michael O'Neill, with music composed by Douglas Finch and produced in and with the community of North Islington London in Autumn 2001.

Comments from participants:

"The amount of hours we had to work was quite irritating. It took up a lot of time. But it was worth it in the end......It's an experience I'll never forget. Thank you."

"I like the politics of your approach: given the initial commitment to this project, whoever you are, whatever you've come equipped with, the drama will come to vibrant life through all your contributions.....It was a rich and nourishing experience for which I'd like to express thanks with all my heart."

"I didn't expect anything like it - it was 100% better than I expected.....I thought it was extremely well run - this was what I enjoyed most about it.

Rehearsal photos by Maysoon Pachachi












The next stage will be a dramatic exposition of how British Imperialism carried out its methods of exploitation and dispossessions at home before putting them into practice in its global imperialist expansion.

For programme details, copy of the text and/or video of the production contact us.

Performance. Photos by Mamoru Iriguchi