Organise a screening of the Gaza Breathing Space Film


‘one of the most affecting - and effective - works of committed cultural encounter to emerge for a long time’ Gareth Evans, The New Statesman

Can be shown ANYWHERE!

DVD Copies available from or +44 207 263 9807

Screenings have happened in former horse hospitals, clubs, colleges… schools… and most recently HOMES !

‘From the wet cold April drizzle our various, eclectic friends were welcomed in to warm themselves with nachos, melted cheese and spicy tomato sauce…. Those invited were friends with varying degrees of association with Palestine and Gaza, making the conversation easy and fruitful…  with only a small group, there was a great sense of teamwork… a special opportunity to spread news and awareness about work we feel is important’  – Arabella and Valentina’s home screening of The Gaza Breathing Space Film.

Chris Bardo raised £120 at his home screening!

We invite you to hold your own screening, big or small, indoors or outdoors. Not only will we send you a copy of the DVD, but if you would like we will even send you one or both of the makers of the film to speak to your guests.

Use the screening as benefit for the GAZA: OPENING SIGNS. Encourage your guests to give as generously as possible.

We will help you as much as we can in organizing your screening, whether it be a cozy night in with your partner or a projection on the side of the new Shard!!!



  • Contact Az - acquire a copy of Gaza Breathing Space DVD
  • Choose a venue, date and time. Invite as many  FRIENDS, COLLEAGUES, STRANGERS, FAMILY as you have/can! We can help with a leaflet


The day itself…

  • Prepare enticing nibbles/three course meal, as appropriate
  • Introduce and play DVD (using a TV or video projector)
  • Host discussion! (we can send one of the film-makers or one of the team)
  • Collect email addresses of attendees interested in keeping informed/being involved in some way
  • Tell us what happened