Gaza Drama

Recent work

see here for an introduction to GAZA DRAMA and reports of its early work



Why not buy a ticket for a show you will never see?

Pay us what you would for a theatre ticket £5? £20? £45? and for eight weeks 20 young people in Gaza, deaf and hearing working together, will have a drama experience of a lifetime!

We need to raise £12,000 by finding 480 people who are willing to pay on average £25 towards our GAZA:OPENING SIGNS project

The GAZA OPENING SIGNS project is a programme of training and drama workshops for deaf and hearing children in Gaza run by Theatre for Everybody. They are training in signing and will train a deaf drama workshop facilitator especially for this work. The workshop programme will start in September 2012

See here for how to participate


The GAZA BREATHING SPACE project created a programme of drama sessions working with the young people who have been most disturbed by the impact of organised armed conflict.  This work takes place at the Rehabilitation Centres in Deir Al Balah and Jabalya refugee camps.

THE GAZA BREATHING SPACE FILM is a record of this work and the personal and professional journey undertaken by Az Director, Jonathan Chadwick, to Gaza in November 2011 to meet and talk to participants, families and workers involved. See here for details and film screenings



Gaza: Breathing Space

GAZA: Breathing Space is Az Theatre's next collaboration for the Gaza Drama project and it will take place during the Autumn of 2010. See details here.

GAZA/GUERNICA performance at Soho Theatre, June2010

A reading of Arrabal's Guernica plus scenes from contemporary life in Gaza as written by Theatre for Everybody

Saturday 12 June 2010, 12.30 pm lunchtime
Soho Theatre, 21 Dean Street, London W1D 3NE

This extraordinary play about the Falangist/Luftwaffe bombing of the ancient Basque town during the Spanish Civil War, including its haunting images of Picasso's painting and its tragic comic dialogue between a man and his wife who is stuck on thetoilet during the bombing raid, was first produced in 1961.

Our readers will include: David Calder, Anna Carteret, Richard Clothier, Tara Fitzgerald, Stephen Lowe, Richard O'Callaghan, Hilton McRae, Roger Lloyd Pack, Jennie Stoller, Harriet Walter and more…

A benefit for Theatre for Everybody
Tickets are £20
All money raised will be sent to Palestine as a contribution to Theatre for Everybody's production of Guernica.

To buy tickets go to:
How to get to Soho Theatre:


Gaza Drama Long Term

Drama for young people's well-being in Gaza - a ten year project (2009-2019)

Developing an international dialogue about the use of theatre and the impact of violence on future generations

A partnership with Theatre For Everybody, Gaza, Palestine.


The project is aimed at improving the lives of young people and children in Gaza. It seeks to widen horizons by increasing communication between people in Gaza and people elsewhere, specifically by promoting understanding and sharing experiences and knowledge with other communities who have undergone conflict. Thereby it aims to help rebuild shattered lives, and to cultivate resilience, wisdom and healing.


Who is Theatre for Everybody?

Theatre For Everybody started their work in 1987 during the first Intifada. From that day to this they have kept up a continuous theatre presence in Gaza and have performed internationally mainly through a partnership with the Belgian Company Theatre du Libre. They have given thousands of performances in schools and community centres and in public spaces in Gaza of contemporary world classics by Brecht, Ionesco, Beckett and other writers. They have devised and written their own work and have constantly sought to extend their talents and capabilities. They have trained in Forum Theatre techniques and use them in their work. They received some training in drama therapy and since the second Intifada have carried out drama work with young people in collaboration with the community mental health organisations in Gaza. Since 2002 they have been in partnership with Az Theatre on the War Stories project. Gaza Drama Long Term is a ten-year partnership between these two companies to develop their work with young people and raise a dialogue about the intergenerational impact of violence. Theatre for Everybody is directed by Jamal Al Rozzi and Hossam Madhoun.

This is what they say about their work:

"We are theatre makers and we want to take part in society through art. We believe in theatre as artistic production as well as a way to raise awareness of the main problems in society. We believe that through plays, we can contribute to changing attitudes, to shaking preconceived ideas or at least to bring out the problems (social, psychological...)."

"Through entertainment, through shows, we don't lecture people, we just stimulate them, we question them about themselves, about their beliefs, their behaviours. Our theatre is committed with life but not directly political: we don't deliver messages."

see here for an introduction to GAZA DRAMA and reports of its early work