Gaza: Breathing Space

GAZA: Breathing Space is Az Theatre's next collaboration for the Gaza Drama: Long Term project and it will take place during the Autumn of 2010. 

Az Theatre’s ten year project Gaza Drama aims to improve the lives of young people in Gaza and develop an international dialogue about the use of theatre and the impact of violence on future generations.


As one of 450, you will contribute to a  drama therapy programme in Gaza being carried out by a small theatre company ‘Theatre for Everybody’ in conjunction with community mental health organisations in Gaza.

This programme will last 8 weeks and will allow 40 young people to work through the suffering of their daily lives through theatre.

In order for this programme to take place we need 450 people to donate. We hope to raise £9,000. All of this money will go directly to the project. Please give as much as you can.

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You can donate online via Justgiving
Or send a check made out to Az Theatre to :
Jonathan Chadwick
55 Windsor Road

Pay directly into the 'Az Theatre Ltd' account taking care to give "Breathing Space" as the payee reference
Account Number: 70249033
Sort Code: 20-44-86

Or ring 01544 260087 and donate by card

The Interviews in Gaza

The Performance in London

The Breathing Space campaign will culminate in a performance at the Soho Theatre, London on Saturday the 30th October at 12.00 midday. As one of the 450 you will be invited to see it. The performance is open to the public so please invite friends; those who have not already donated to the campaign are encouraged to pay what they can for a ticket.


‘She is only 6 years but she has lived through all the grown-up things. She has seen the blood red and the dark black and more. There is no one here to give her a white flower or a yellow or a purple one to teach her the game of colours. In Gaza, there is nothing but a gun and a flag and more siege, destruction and suicide.’ - Hossam Madhoun

As the siege continues in Gaza twenty children speak about their daily lives - their hopes, their dreams for the future. From the simple to the unimaginable this piece initiated by Theatre For Everybody in Gaza captures the voice of a generation.

Also presenting more verbatim from Palestine - Zoe Lafferty and Paul Wood investigate the aid industry and what the West’s real input in this conflict is:

‘After 40 years of international aid effort - Why are the hospitals so badly managed? Why do people need basic things like water? Why are the roads such a mess? If you look at the amount of money that has been injected into Palestine a large proportion of it is amiss, its not here. Where’s it gone basically? Where has $3billion of Aid a year gone?’ – Aid Worker

The Book

As one of 450 you will receive a booklet of interviews on which the performances are based. The interviews look at the daily life of Gazan children and show how Theatre for Everybody’s work in Gaza is benefiting children there. To receive a booklet please email Az with your name and address:

Gaza Drama - the Long Term Project

GAZA: Breathing Space is part of a ten year project. Please keep in contact with us. If you would like to be added to the mailing list please contact